Goldwise Development Limited

About Us

Goldwise Development Limited is the only Authorized Distributor of Texas Instruments Education Technology in Hong Kong, and started distributing Texas Instruments products since 2000.


We understand the importance of support for educators to implement teachers' teaching in technology, therefore, we are dedicated to provide support and after-sales services from time to time for educators, institutions as well as individual customers. The support services, just to name a few, include demo workshops, seminars, development of resources materials as well as the provision of hardware and software tools that enhance the teaching and learning results.


In addition, we have also been continuously developing a vast network of retail channels with good coverage where customers could make instant off-the-shelf purchase conveniently.


We are positioning ourselves as a one-stop-shop service provider to our valuable customers, therefore we are expanding our scope of supplies & services, and welcome prospective partners to explore opportunities together with synergy effect.